Baroan Technologies Supports Hackensack Riverkeeper

At Baroan Technologies, we take pride in our commitment to supporting nonprofits like Hackensack Riverkeeper, who work tirelessly to defend the Public Trust resources of the Hackensack River Watershed.


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Baroan Technologies Is Proud To Partner With Nonprofits

Supporting nonprofits like Hackensack Riverkeeper is just one example of Baroan Technologies’ commitment to making a positive impact in our community. We believe in responsible and sustainable development, and we collaborate with local, county, and regional planners to ensure land-use planning decisions align with up-to-date science and environmental regulations.

We are proud to be associated with Hackensack Riverkeeper and their vital work. By supporting nonprofits like them, Baroan Technologies aims to make a positive difference in our community and contribute to a sustainable future.

To learn more about Hackensack Riverkeeper, make sure to visit their website.