Private Cloud Solutions For New Jersey Law Firms

Finding a private cloud solution for your law firm can seem like an intimidating task. Baroan understands how scary it can be to commit to a solution that won't meet your needs a year from now.
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Practicing Law In The Cloud: Private Cloud Solutions For New Jersey Law Firms

New Jersey law firms and the legal industry as a whole are embracing cloud solutions globally. When you think of the ”cloud” and of law firms moving to the cloud, your first thoughts are probably cloud storage services such as One Drive or Dropbox or web-based cloud applications. However, there’s more to the cloud than just cloud storage services and web applications. Today, more law firms are turning to private cloud solutions as they attempt to move their software, documents, and email away from the cloud and eliminate the need for on-premise servers. How does a private cloud solution differ from other cloud services? What does a private cloud solution do? Should your law firm use private cloud solutions?

What Are Private Cloud Solutions?

A private cloud is a type of cloud computing where IT services are provided over a dedicated network to one organization or set of users. A private cloud is a server, similar to the server your law firm has in its server closet — but a private cloud is a server that is provided, managed, and supported by a cloud service provider. Unlike public clouds that are able to deliver services to more than one organization, a private cloud is committed to the unique needs and goals of your organization. Your law firm is unique. Therefore, it is important that you have all the resources you need to leverage cloud technology to increase your bottom line and increase your day-to-day workflow. A private cloud is a server that will host your law firm’s server-based software in the cloud, which your firm’s employees will be able to access from anywhere via a virtual desktop.

What Is a Virtual Desktop?

A virtual desktop is an operating system and applications that are hosted on a remote server. Instead of your law firm using a server and an IT platform, your firm will can use a virtual desktop. The virtual desktop can be used to access your law firm’s applications and documents. From an end-user point of view, your employees can login from any device. Within the virtual desktop, members of your law team will find Microsoft 365 applications, your firm’s practice management software, billing software, and more. Since these applications will be hosted by a cloud service provider, authorized users can connect to the virtual desktop from any device, even when they are not physically in the office. Aside from the advantage of working remotely, the true benefit of a virtual desktop and private cloud solutions: your law firm will not have to worry about administering system repairs, maintenance, or software updates because your cloud service provider will take care of it. Your law firm will be able to focus on what it does best, and your service provider will take care of the rest. Private cloud solutions for law firms provide a comprehensive platform that securely hosts your law firm’s technology, documents, applications, etc. Your law firm’s private cloud serves as the platform of the virtual desktop that your end-users will interact with.

Are Private Cloud Solutions Right for New Jersey Law Firms?

Private cloud-computing solutions in the legal industry offer a variety of benefits for law firms in New Jersey, from improved communication and collaboration with your remote workforce to enhanced client experiences, reduced expenses to better data security. The protection of your law firm’s sensitive and confidential information is crucial. Private cloud solutions offer a range of secure resources for law firms of all sizes to increase scalability, mobility, reliability, control, and security. With private cloud solutions, you can run your practice securely from a private cloud hosted by a provider you trust. In order to stay competitive in the legal industry today, your law firm needs to decrease operating costs, take better advantage of data with analytics, and increase innovation. Leverage private cloud solutions to modernize your firm’s operations and gain the freedom to run your practice in a manner that will deliver high-quality results.

What Should New Jersey Law Firms Consider When Choosing Private Cloud Solutions?

Committing to the private cloud is only half the battle. There are more critical decisions your law firm will have to make, and one of those decisions is choosing your private cloud solutions. With the list of cloud service providers growing and the variety of solutions to choose from, how can you find the best private cloud for your law firm’s needs? Doing your research, establishing a clear idea of what success looks like for your law firm, and knowing what’s important will put your law firm in a better position to choose a private cloud solution that enables your law firm to get the most out of your private cloud deployment. Before you start listing functionalities that aren’t as important to your law firm, you should take some time to look across your firm and determine the elements that will impact your firm’s needs.
  • Security – As a law firm, you have to maintain compliance with specific regulatory and security mandates
  • Integration – If your systems are spread across various locations, will they require customization to bring them together seamlessly
  • Applications and resources – Your firm may need specific applications, hardware, and other resources to ensure your firm maintains its core systems
  • Scalability and flexibility – As the legal industry evolves, your firm’s work environment will require new approaches. Your firm needs a private cloud solution that will adjust to changes in your resource needs
Identifying your firm’s needs and unique cases will enable you to determine where private cloud solutions can help you the most and how the solutions can help your firm achieve its long-term and short-term goals. The next step will be to align your law firm’s unique requirements with the capabilities of a cloud service provider.

Baroan Technologies Helps New Jersey Law Firms Find the Right Private Cloud Solutions

Finding a private cloud solution for your law firm can seem like an intimidating task. We understand how scary it can be to commit to a solution that won’t meet your needs a year from now. On the other hand, you also don’t want to spend an excessive amount of money on extra features and resources that your firm won’t use. There’s also the fear that you will have different expectations about your firm’s goals than your cloud service provider. Our team will help you prepare your law firm’s maturity path and give you the insight you need to choose a private cloud solution that will not only be a perfect fit for your firm today but many years down the road. Reach out to Baroan Technologies by giving us a call at (201) 796-0404 or emailing us at and let us help you find a private cloud solution that is right for your law firm.

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