Microsoft 365 Security

Baroan Technologies provides Microsoft 365 security and hardening of Microsoft 365 environments. Discover how we can help.
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Microsoft 365 Security

As cybersecurity risks proliferate, it’s essential to partner with a company prepared to implement a robust Microsoft 365 Security defense. Baroan Technologies can provide stellar Managed IT Security for your Microsoft Modern Workplace, – including a specialized plan for Microsoft 365 Security – that covers all the gaps. We provide businesses across New Jersey and New York with Managed IT plans that offer a suite of services, including the priority of hardening Microsoft 365 Security. Our focus is to ensure you are prepared for and as protected as possible from potential Microsoft 365 threats through the implementation of Microsoft Modern Workplace automation and security standards.

Microsoft 365 Security Vulnerability

The rumors and the reality: Microsoft 365 is a useful and popular program. Yet, a bulletin was issued by the US government in April of 2021, warning of a significant security risk faced by many who rapidly deployed Microsoft 365, sometimes due to the sudden need to provide remote working capabilities for employees. A recent Forbes article echoes the concern. The article includes a quote by The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) — which operates under the Department of Homeland Security.
 “hasty deployments can lead to oversights in security configurations and undermine a sound Office 365-specific security strategy.” The agency “continues to see” best security practices ignored, “resulting in increased vulnerability to adversary attacks.” – CISA as quoted in the cited Forbes article.
Note that oversights in security configurations are addressed as a cause of the problem, not flaws in the Microsoft 365 product itself. 

FBI Report: Cybercrime is Rapidly Rising

The FBI’s Internet Crime Report 2020 revealed a rise of 69.4% in internet-related crimes since 2019. Once again, a condition that appears to have facilitated the increase is the insufficiency of security measures covering remote work arrangements. Working from home has become the norm for many, so it’s time for businesses to perform security audits, to shore up their Microsoft 365 programs and other systems implemented in haste, in many cases without the addition of sufficient security protection.

The Replicating Danger of Ransomware

This type of crime is particularly threatening to businesses. It’s on the rise, and it has the potential to devastate those who fail to prepare. Ransomware plans can be much more complex than simply asking for payment to get your data back. Data may be reserved for threats at a later date and/or released to the public, potentially damaging your business. Being prepared for the ransomware threat involves being prepared for its occurrence, while actively implementing ways to make access to login information and sensitive data more difficult.  Microsoft 365 Security involves strategies such as segmenting your network to make access to large amounts of data less likely, along with security measures like adopting modernized methods of user access.

The Need to Harden Microsoft 365 Environments

Microsoft admitted its system is vulnerable when necessary security practices are overlooked. On August 26, 2021, the company provided a release entitled:  “Top 10 ways to secure Microsoft 365 for business plans“. Microsoft 365 Security issues are not due to an inherent app problem, or to the nature of cloud software. The frequency of hacks, and ransomware attacks, is, in most cases, due to a lack of providing sufficient Microsoft 365 Security precautions and training staff members to follow best practices for users. Hardening the Microsoft 365 environment, plugging every type of gap that could potentially pose a security risk, is the key to keeping operations and data secure as you take advantage of the features of 365 to improve business operations.

An Understandable Oversight

Most companies are aware of the need for security precautions when incorporating any type of IT equipment or app. But it’s no surprise the urgent nature of adjusting business practices over the past year and a half has resulted in overlooked details. Our team at Baroan Technologies understands the issues affecting Microsoft 365 Security. We can review your overall IT network, note conditions which might negatively impact the strength of your Microsoft 365 Security and recommend ways to harden Microsoft 365 against cyberattack, utilizing both innovative and traditional strategies, security programs and user guidelines.

Common Microsoft 365 Security Concerns in Addition to Cybercrime

In addition to cybercriminals who hack into a system, internal actions can threaten Microsoft 365 Security. Measures should be taken to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data by staff members. Internal issues or conditions that may threaten a business include:
  • File sharing issues – unauthorized or external file sharing.
  • Abuse of privileges by employees who have access to information not needed for their job performance.
  • Audit log disablement.
  • Log retention periods, which are too limited.
Such issues can be addressed by implementing security best practices. Additional tactics and actions for addressing the threat of potential dangers to Microsoft 365 Security, or lessening the impact of security breaches include:
  • Installing recommended security features and third-party solutions.
  • Performing tasks to verify security, such as consistently viewing audit reports.
  • Implementing best practices for users.
  • Limiting access to sensitive data on a need-to-know basis.
  • Implementing network segmentation.

Hardening Microsoft 365 Environments Requires Knowledge and Experience

Many cyberattacks that exploit gaps in Microsoft 365 Security can be prevented by hardening your Microsoft 365 environment – utilizing as many protective features recommended by Microsoft as possible. But that’s not easy. The features that support Microsoft 365 Security aren’t consolidated. You have to switch from system to system to use them. And Microsoft keeps changing the names of their threat protection apps. A professional Managed IT Service and Security Provider can help you sort through the confusion, develop a security plan and implement protection that covers the gaps in Microsoft 365 Security. A plan that fits the specific needs and concerns of your company.

Baroan Technologies Provides Microsoft 365 Security and More

With workplaces spread around the world today, it’s essential for businesses to make use of the latest devices, apps, and IT structures that facilitate efficiency in remote work, like Microsoft 365. But security equipment and practices are essential, no matter the structure of your  Microsoft Modern Workplace. Our team of IT security specialists can help your New Jersey or New York business or organization implement recommended Microsoft 365 Security products and practices. As a separate service or as part of a complete Managed IT Support plan,  our Microsoft 365 Security services can help take the worry out of the conversion to cloud-based apps and modern, flexible, anywhere-access, workplaces. Contact us for a consultation.

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