What Are the New Features and Technologies of Windows Server 2022?

Microsoft's long-awaited new server operating system, Microsoft Window Server 2022, is almost being launched.
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What Are the New Features and Technologies of Windows Server 2022?

Microsoft’s long-awaited new server operating system, Microsoft Window Server 2022, is almost being launched. It’s also referred to as Windows Server 21H2 and vNext and will be the successor to the fastest adopted window server, Windows Server 2019. In a recent session dubbed “Windows Server 2022, Best on Azure,”  it was revealed that the new server operating system would be available on demand. This live session included Q&A sessions and live demos to show the new exciting features of Windows Server 2022. It also highlighted the patching, security, and management features of the new server and the product editions that were to be expected. Currently, Window Server 2022 is in the RTM (release-to-manufacturing) stage, which means that the completed parts were handed over for integration to hardware manufacturers. This often happens before hardware product releases. In this article, we’ll highlight upcoming new features announced by Microsoft for Windows Server 2022.

When Will the Window Server 2022 Be Released?

This new server is set for commercial release within the year. The Q&A session also hinted that other server products like SharePoint Server 2022 and Exchange Server 2022 would be launched after Window Server 2022 general availability. This new server will have 3 editions; standard edition, data center edition, and a Datacenter Azure edition which is currently in preview. While the live session didn’t give much elaboration on these editions, it did highlight that there would be a new feature dubbed “Azure Automanage” that would have a hot patch capability. This key feature will only be available to users on the Datacenter Azure edition. All of the window server 2022 products will come with desktop and core installation options for the editions. The core option is optimal for automation purposes and remote management, while the desktop option will use a traditional graphic user interface installation which is unsuitable for organizations that perform large-scale automation. According to the Q&A, in-place upgrades from Window Server 2019 Datacenter edition to the Window Datacenter Azure edition will be possible. This means that IT experts won’t have to uninstall the old OS and install the new ones.

What’s New in Windows Server 2022?

There are lots of exciting features in the upcoming Window Server 2022. They include; Emphasis on Multilayer Security Within the first half of 2020, around 36 billion records were exposed by data breaches, which shows how rapidly cybersecurity threats are escalating. The new Window Server 2022 prioritizes security and includes advanced multi-layer security features like secured connectivity and a secured-core server. The secured connectivity feature enhances security for advanced protection during transport. Windows Server 2022 uses transport layer security (TLS) 1.3 and a more secure hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) to improve connection security. Users can, however, secure server communications using AES-256 encryption, which has better controls. Secured-core server provides advanced multi-layer security by combining a variety of threat protection protocols to the operating system, firmware, and hardware. It minimizes firmware vulnerabilities using System Guard for securely booting up the server and the Trusted Platform Module 2.0. The Secured-core server also has VBS (virtualization-based security) features, including Hypervisor-protected code integrity that protects the system from advanced malware attacks and Credential Guard to defend sensitive assets like login details. Flexible Platform to Modernize Applications With Containers Windows Server is often used to run distributed applications and large-scale ones. Windows Server 2022 will have flexible tools and platform capabilities to support tools like SQL server and enhance developer velocity. Some of the improvements on this new server include Windows Container experience with Kubernetes and application capability. It will also increase performance and reduce image download time through the reduction of Windows Container image size. Users will be able to run group Managed Services Accounts (gMSA) with applications that run on Azure Active Directory without the need to join the container host and domain. Windows Server 2022 will also enhance the containerization of .NET applications as it comes with an updated Windows Admin Center tool. This means that you’ll be able to host applications on Azure Container Registry once they are in a container before deploying them to other Azure services. Hybrid Capabilities With Azure Windows Server 2022 will enable users to leverage cloud innovation using on-premise applications. It’s compatible with 2 main hybrid capabilities; Storage Migration Service and Azure Arc. This new server will come with an updated Storage Migration Service that will enable users to migrate files to Window Servers from NetApp FAS. This feature will reduce the required on-premise storage and help users maintain low latency. Azure Arc, on the other hand, will allow users to secure and manage Window servers on various environments from a central control panel. SMB Compression The SMB compression capability in Windows Server 2022 will reduce the size of files to speed up transfers. Ned Pyle, the Principal Program Manager in Microsoft Windows Server projects, demonstrated how efficient this feature was by compressing a 20GB file. Before the SMB Compression feature was turned on, the file was compressed in 3 minutes but with the feature turned on, it only took 30 seconds. Other exciting features of the Window Server Support 2022 include;
  • Increased server scalability (physical servers can have up to 48TB Ram)
  • Enhanced memory protection using Boot Direct Memory Access (DMA) that can prevent attacks from security technologies such as Bitlocker.
  • Control Flow Guard that protects legitimate applications from being corrupted by malicious applications.

How Does Window Server 2019 Compare With Window Server 2022?

Some of the notable differences between Window Server 2019 and Window Server 2022 include increased host memory from 24TB to 48TB. The Maximum Logical CPUs have also increased from 512 to 2048. Microsoft is yet to release the scalability figures for the new Windows servers, but this makes sense as performance optimization, and testing is done during the OS development. While the review version of Windows Servers 2022 has minimal distinguishing details from the previous Windows Server, it’s clear that it will have a ton of new exciting features. Microsoft may also release more details about the new server as the release date nears. When the Windows Servers 2022 is eventually launched, we’d love to walk you through the new technology. Book your consultation today and one of our experts will be in touch!

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