Five Important Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring An IT Company In New Jersey

Thinking about hiring an IT company in New Jersey? Discover the essential questions to ask prior to hiring that IT company here.

Five Important Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring An IT Company In New Jersey

Your IT support team plays an instrumental role in your business’s general health and success in today’s highly competitive world. Discover how you can identify the right technology partner from all the vendors out there nowadays.

Like many tech-savvy company leaders, you’ve probably invested a great deal of time and money in your IT. But is your IT support team really helping you get the most out of your IT assets? As the business world becomes much more tech-driven, your choice of technology partners will either make or break your organization.

So how can you choose the right managed IT services provider that compliments your business needs? Like any other business decision, you need to ask the right questions to make an informed choice.

Discover the critical questions you need to ask before hiring a managed IT services provider by watching this short video:

What Are the Top 5 Critical Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring An IT Company In NJ?

  • Will They Help You Meet Your Compliance Requirements? Your organization probably has to comply with a long list of regulatory standards. These guidelines typically govern the data types you can store digitally, how the information should be stored, accessed, safeguarded, and so on. And if you’re working in highly-regulated fields like personal finance or the healthcare sector, you need to be extra vigilant as the rules are continually changing. To protect your sensitive data and avoid hefty fines or lawsuits, you need an IT partner that is up to the ask.
  • How Do They Handle Billing? Whatever the size of your business, you’re most likely working with a limited IT budget. One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing your IT needs to an MSP is cutting down on your IT spending. While outsourcing might ensure you pay less up-front because of the fixed monthly rate, certain factors are far less predictable. That’s why you need to work out all the fine details to find out what you should expect to pay beforehand. That includes any extra service charges or fees should unexpected circumstances arise.
  • How Exactly Do They Go About Handling Tech Support? Another critical reason behind the popularity of managed services is that they enable smaller enterprises to access the same professional IT support as large corporations. Consequently, many small to medium-sized businesses are choosing to augment their internal IT department with an MSP. But what will that actually look like for your organization? Before putting pen to paper, your potential MSP has to explain what they mean by “support.” Will they be taking your calls or handing you off to a help desk service? Will they provide a devoted account manager to handle your organization’s needs? These are just some of the questions any potential MSP must answer before you take the next step.
  • Do They Have a Service Level Agreement? Any reputable IT company in New Jersey must have some form of contractual terms that they stick to whenever they’re delivering their services. What does it mean if your MSP doesn’t have a Service Level Agreement (SLA)? Simply put, it means that they have no reason or incentive to provide your organization with timely IT solutions as there’s no “standard” service level to refer to in the first place.
  • How Active Are They With Reporting and Feedback? Do they have any key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate your organization’s general performance and progress? Your MSP must be able to analyze everything from how resources are allocated to what works and the areas that need improvement.

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