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  • IT Services & IT Support Company In New Jersey, New York & Connecticut
  • IT Services & IT Support Company In New Jersey, New York & Connecticut
  • IT Services & IT Support Company In New Jersey, New York & Connecticut

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Business Self-Actualization with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation refers to a business becoming the best version of itself, achieving its mission through the use of technology.

At Baroan Technologies, we see business evolution as analogous to the process put forth by psychologist/philosopher Abraham Maslow to describe human needs governing personal motivation.

Maslow illustrated that individuals strive to satisfy their basic requirements, and once met, proceed through a hierarchy of needs culminating in self-actualization: becoming the best that one can be. While a business is not itself a person, it is after all a group of individual people. That group’s involvement with the business technology infrastructure will either motivate or frustrate the business becoming the best version of itself. Take a look at the analogous pyramids below and click through to learn more about how we actually achieve these results for your business.

Abraham Maslow

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

  • Self- Actualization

    Desire to become the most that one can be

  • Esteem

    Respect, self-esteem, status, recognition, strength, freedom

  • Love and Belonging

    Friendship, intimacy, family, sense of connection

  • Safety Needs

    Personal, security, employment, resources, health, property

  • Physiological Needs

    Air, water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing, reproduction

Guy Baroan

Baroan’s Business Hierarchy of Needs

  • Business Actualization

    Best execution of your business plan through digital transformation

  • Employee Satisfaction

    Organized workflows allow accomplishment and recognition

  • Connected Employees

    Platform for collaboration keeps everyone on the same page

  • Business Safety Needs

    Cybersecurity and regulatory compliance protections in place

  • Business Physiology

    Software, hardware, and network architecture is healthy

IT Support
Simple As 1…2…3

Baroan Technologies – New Jersey IT Company – is protected for our clients’ sake. Redundancy with remote capabilities to ensure that we are there for our clients when they need us most.

We employ over 40 different tools that a managed services provider needs. We have a professional services team with a collective 100 years of experience in the IT field. The team includes: Virtual CIO, Account Manager, Solutions Architect, Procurement Manager, and a Project Manager.

Many companies don’t realize the security they need to have in place today to meet the latest threats, compliance, and government privacy laws. Our services in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut allow our clients to meet these needs.

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What IT Services Baroan Provides in New Jersey

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Cybersecurity Services in New Jersey

1. Cybersecurity Solutions

Baroan Technologies makes sure the security of your network, data, and organization is a top priority.
Managed IT Services in New Jersey

2. Managed IT Support

Partnering with Baroan Technologies ensures all of your day-to-day IT service needs are simply taken care of.  We take IT off your daily worry list.

Co-Managed IT Services in New Jersey

3. Co-Managed IT Services

Baroan Technologies supports your internal IT departments with a full complement of services. From strategic consulting to helping with the day-to-day needs of your IT team. Our proprietary solutions allow for your level 1 and 2 tickets and needs to be automatically remediated so you can focus on the projects to move your business initiatives forward.
IT Services & IT Support Company in New Jersey

4. Modern Workplace

More and more organizations are making the move to cloud technologies and Baroan Technologies is right there to help guide you throughout the transition.  Our team can help with Microsoft 365, Azure, and other cloud technologies.

IT Support For Tri-State Organizations Since 1997

The experience of our IT and cybersecurity professionals, combined with our strategic partnerships, allows you to truly have an IT company in New Jersey, New York, or Connecticut with the ability to competently evaluate all of your organization’s technology needs and design effective IT Solutions to help align with your business goals.

What Are The Benefits?

Cybersecurity Is Paramount

Intrusion, hacking, ransomware, and cyber threats are increasing daily against organizations throughout the Tri-State area.  Every organization, regardless of size is a target. Baroan Technologies’ network security services cost-effectively protect and maintain the security of your network, assets, and data against cyber threats, aiding in compliance and peace of mind.

Why Security is Crucial

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“Each time has been an amazing customer service experience”

Five stars

“I have had many opportunities to call your organization for assistance. Each time has been an amazing customer service experience with very knowledgeable people. It is a wonderful value to be able to tell prospective and new employees that we have an excellent IT Support Partner. I very much appreciate your organization and our partnership.”


“Your company’s professionalism has always been top notch…”

Five stars

“Working with Baroan Technologies has been a pleasure. Though we have our own IT staff, knowing that Baroan is in the background making sure that our systems are up to date and that our Anti-Virus is current is a big relief. In today’s world where even the largest multi-billion dollar international companies can have their IT systems compromised it is great to have trust in a company that does their best to make sure we are secure. Your company’s professionalism has always been top notch…”

Guy E., CEO

“We are and have been very pleased with Baroan Technologies”

Five stars

“Baroan Technologies is a prime example of quality and dependable customer service in the Information Technology market. Their ability to meet the extremely demanding technical support needs of our mid-size business is crucial to our company. We are and have been very pleased with Baroan Technologies and their team of professionals for the past 7 years. We would not hesitate in recommending them!”