King of Prussia Staffing Agency Recruits Baroan for Strategic IT Services in 2021

The Baroan Technologies team was contacted recently by a team of professionals from a staffing agency in King of Prussia. They were looking for a reliable team of IT professionals to provide fully-managed IT service and support.
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King of Prussia Staffing Agency Recruits Baroan for Strategic IT Services in 2021

The Baroan Technologies team was contacted recently by a team of professionals from a staffing agency in King of Prussia. They were looking for a reliable team of IT professionals to provide fully-managed IT service and support. Baroan was happy to provide initial consultation and it wasn’t long before we signed on as their official fully-managed IT partner.

Philadelphia Staffing Agency Brings in Baroan as Their 2021 IT Service & Support Partner

A couple of weeks ago, our team was contacted by the management team from an IT staffing agency in King of Prussia. Their organization was small but growing and they had started considering whether or not it was worth it to outsource their IT services to a fully-managed provider. They were hoping they could find a team of Philadelphia IT professionals to take a look at their existing IT infrastructure and make recommendations about the best way to proceed. We liked this organization from the very beginning – and not just because they work to staff IT agencies like ours. We respected their honesty and proactivity. When it came to supporting their own business with IT, they were at a loss. They had been managing it internally for some time, but they had come to realize that IT management and troubleshooting was taking up a lot of time that could be spent on their own business needs and goals. So, they wasted no time at all before reaching out to our team of IT professionals for consultation. We were especially excited to hear that they were open to the idea of a managed IT service model. We’ve been telling all our clients that 2021 is the year to get more strategic with IT resources. When the right IT solutions are in place and fully optimized, organizations are in a much better position to adapt to whatever unexpected circumstances might come their way. Managed IT services are one of the best ways to make sure your approach to IT is strategic and adaptable because it means your organization constantly has a team of professionals managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure. Needless to say, we were happy that this Philadelphia staffing organization reached out to us for support. We knew right away that we could provide the exact kind of fully-managed IT service and support that they were looking for. From our first contact with them, we commended them for their proactivity and openness to the idea of professional support. We couldn’t wait to take a look at their IT infrastructure and start brainstorming the ways we could drive optimization and transformation to better support their daily operations. We decided to share our experience with this organization because we’re on a mission to inspire other business leaders to consider the value of managed IT services. The truth is, managed IT services aren’t just about making things run smoother. The right managed IT provider can truly be a game-changer when it comes to long-term business goals. Check out how we helped transform this organization’s approach to IT so they could transform their approach to business.

Why Was This Philadelphia Staffing Agency Looking for IT Service & Support in 2021?

In our initial contact with the management team from this Philadelphia staffing agency, they explained that they had been considering a managed IT service model for a few months now. Another organization in their industry was a client of ours, and we had come to them on high recommendation. They explained that their internal team had been getting by with their existing approach to IT, but they realized that operations could be running much smoother if they had a team of outsourced IT professionals handling the technical details behind the scenes. Another thing that motivated them to seek out managed IT services was that their organization was growing. They knew that as time went on, their operational demands were going to increase and they wanted to make sure their IT infrastructure was positioned to support their changing needs and thriving business goals. They wanted a team of Philadelphia IT specialists to help them get strategic with IT by optimizing their IT infrastructure and providing round-the-clock support. Here’s a break down of the IT service & support this staffing agency was looking for:
  • Systems review & IT consultation  – First, they wanted us to take stock of their existing IT climate. They wanted us to get a solid idea of how they used IT to support operations and wanted us to provide initial feedback on where we thought their approach to IT might be improved.
  • IT infrastructure optimization – Next, they wanted us to conduct a full overhaul of their existing IT infrastructure. They wanted our help to modernize and optimize all of their IT resources to ensure that everything was positioned to support their operations and boost productivity.
  • Managed IT services – Once the initial consultation, assessment, and overhaul were complete, they wanted us to sign on as their fully-managed IT service and support partner. They wanted us to take care of the management and maintenance of their entire IT network and they wanted to know that we would always be on call to provide helpdesk support as needed.
  • Long-term strategic IT consultation – Finally, they also wanted us to serve as their long-term strategic IT partner. They wanted us to conduct regularly scheduled reviews and check-ins to ensure everything was running smoothly and offer them strategic advice on how to keep their IT systems consistently up-to-date.
Again, we can’t say enough just how impressed we were by this professional team. Not only had they taken the time to really think about how they wanted their IT infrastructure to support them, they knew that reaching out to a team of IT professionals was the best way to bring their visions to life. With our work cut out for us, we got started right away.

How Baroan Technologies Partnered With This Staffing Agency to Provide Managed IT Services in 2021

We knew from the beginning that we had what it takes to create a reliable and strategic IT service and support plan for this organization. From the initial assessment to the long-term partnership, we knew they had reached out to the right team of Philadelphia IT specialists. Besides, one of our specialties is providing IT support for Philadelphia staffing agencies. However, we also knew that the consultation, service, and support we provided to this organization needed to be 100% customized. We’ve worked with enough businesses to know that when it comes to IT, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. We knew we had to really get to know this organization and its operational needs so that we could develop a custom-tailored approach to IT optimization and management. Here’s what we included in the 2021 strategic IT service plan for this Philadelphia staffing agency: Initial Consultation and Assessment of Existing IT Infrastructure  We started by getting a team of our IT specialists to their office for the initial consultation and assessment. We started by talking with their team and trying to develop a solid idea of how this organization relied on IT resources to get work done. Then, we worked to examine their existing IT infrastructure from end-to-end. We looked for redundancies that could be eliminated and problem areas that needed to be addressed. Above all, we focused on identifying the ways we could optimize their IT infrastructure to better support their needs and goals. IT Infrastructure Overhaul & Optimization  Once we had a solid idea of how we wanted to transform their approach to IT, we got started by completely overhauling their existing IT infrastructure. We got rid of unnecessary hardware and software and worked to consolidate all their IT resources in one secure and accessible place. We worked to streamline IT processes and implement useful tools to help eliminate redundancies and boost productivity. We also made sure to keep their team involved in the transformation and optimization process every step of the way to ensure they knew how to navigate their new IT environment. IT Policy & Procedure Creation   As soon as we had the system optimization complete, we worked on getting concrete IT policies and procedures on paper. We wanted to create these easily accessible policies and procedures so that their team would always know where to find the information they needed to make use of their new IT infrastructure. The policies and procedures we created included clearly defined roles and responsibilities, tips and tricks for getting the most out of their new IT infrastructure, and detailed regulations on cybersecurity to keep their network consistently secure. Fully-Managed IT Services  When all of this initial work was done, we developed a customized managed IT service and support plan for this Philadelphia staffing agency. We worked with their leadership team closely to develop a service agreement that provided everything they needed and nothing that they didn’t. We made sure they knew we would be committed to providing fully-managed monitoring and maintenance of their IT systems and that they could always count on us to keep things running optimally. We also assured them that they could treat us as their IT support help desk. No matter the issue, our team of IT technicians would always be on call to solve technical problems swiftly. Long-Term Strategic Planning Consultation  Finally, our service arrangement also included an explicit commitment to being their long-term strategic IT consultant. We explained that as demands or conditions changed, we would be right there to help them adapt and make the necessary changes to their IT infrastructure. Above all, we assured them that no matter what they were up against, we would make sure their IT infrastructure was positioned to help them remain as competitive and productive as possible.

Is Your Organization Looking For Managed IT Services in Philadelphia? Baroan Technologies Can Help!

Ever since we partnered with this Philadelphia IT staffing agency, they’ve given us a lot of great feedback. They’ve explained that their team is more productive than ever before and that IT resources are never out of reach. They have peace of mind knowing that we’re constantly keeping their systems monitored and maintained. They also have renewed hope for the future, knowing that we’re on board to help them thrive and grow over the long-term. It really is amazing what the right approach to IT can offer. Is your Philadelphia business or organization considering managed IT services from an outsourced professional? Baroan would love to help. Our team of IT experts has the experience and expertise necessary to serve as your fully-managed, strategic IT partner. We can help you optimize your IT infrastructure and create an IT service and support plan that is customized entirely to your unique operational needs. If you’re on the hunt for reliable IT support in Philadelphia, Baroan Technologies is a click or call away! Give us a call anytime at (201) 796-0404, drop us a line at, or visit our website at to book an initial consultation about 2021 IT support services in Philadelphia.

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Written by Guy Baroan 
By: Guy Baroan