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How Should Your New Jersey Organization Approach Digital Transformation?

At the enterprise level, Digital Transformation could mean the difference between success and failure for an organization like yours. Having a process in place to determine where and how Digital Transformation should be applied within the organization is likely the best way to ensure that it’s successful. Digital Transformation initiatives often fail due to the misalignment of the different parts of the organization and their goals.

How To Plan A Successful Digital Transformation Process

Imagine a pyramid with five layers — at the top, you have the business owners/stockholders and their goals are to have a high return in their business. Under that are the Business Executives, whose goals are to promote business improvement and increase their return on investment. The next two layers are related to the organization’s current business capabilities and their readiness for Digital Transformation (e.g. what type of infrastructure is in place now). At the bottom layer is their current technology infrastructure, the security, and where you have the CIO and the CTO spending most of their time. For example, when a CEO or Business Executive requests a solution for collaboration, the CIO/CTO may not have all the necessary information about the organization’s goals. When they propose a solution without having a methodical process in place for Digital Transformation, they may not recommend the right one. If they are lucky it will work out and the executive goals will be met; however, it’s more likely that the solution will get approved and implemented, only to discover later that it did not meet the requirements. After all, the most expensive solution is the one that has to get replaced, which is most likely to occur when there is no process. The two most important layers of the Digital Transformation process are the business capabilities layer and the digital maturity readiness layer. This is where you can confirm that the whole organization is engaged, that all the goals and needs are identified, and that the right solution can be applied to meet them. For the Digital Transformation implementation to be a success, these two layers have to be addressed properly.

What Will Digital Transformation Do For You?

When a Digital Transformation implementation is a success, it catapults the enterprise to new heights in efficiency and success. It ensures that everyone in the organization has bought into the solution, which greatly improves the chance for it to succeed. Most organizations that want to implement solutions to enhance their business need to start with a review of the different areas of their organization — this determines their Digital Transformation readiness. This process should start with questions for the stakeholders about what is working well in the organization and what needs improvement. All of this will then lead the stakeholders down the right path as to where and how the most impact can be made to the enterprise through the implementation of a solution. Likely areas for review include Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sales, HR, Client Experience, and Management. When the areas of the organization that have the most room for improvement are identified, finding the right solutions will be obvious to the stakeholders. When properly implemented, these solutions will offer the most benefit to the organization, such as enhanced collaboration, automation, or a new project management process.

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Written by Guy Baroan 
By: Guy Baroan