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Server Migration Services For Companies Throughout New Jersey, NY and CT

Are you tired of managing and bearing all the risks and challenges of maintaining on-premise IT infrastructure? If so, that’s a sign you need to migrate your servers to cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

But you’re probably thinking, isn’t that (the migration process) too expensive and time-consuming? The short answer is NO! Migrating your server infrastructure to the cloud only costs a fraction of the cost of running an on-prem data center, and cloud deployment only takes a few hours through strategic migration.

However, effective cloud migrations require firsthand knowledge and expertise in cloud computing and IT, so you want to partner with a reliable cloud services firm. At Baroan Technologies, we specialize in helping organizations throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut migrate their servers to the cloud with near-zero downtime. Our certified technicians combine their top-class expertise and advanced software to make your server migration as smooth and cost-efficient as possible. Think of Baroan Technologies as your server migration team in New Jersey, NY and CT.

Curious to find out more? Please keep scrolling to discover how Baroan Technologies’ New Jersey server migration team can help your organization:
  • Migrate on-premise servers to cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Upgrade to new server technologies like Windows Server 2019 to Windows Server 2022
  • Complete server hardware replacements

Server Migrations to the Cloud

Our server migration services are not only cost-efficient, but we also aim to optimize business continuity during the process by suppressing downtime. We realize that feat by implementing these six steps:

Choosing a Cloud Provider

Choosing a cloud provider shouldn’t be a hard decision, as there are only three dominant and reliable players in the field: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. But if you wish to explore more options, you can check out this Gartner resource.

Find the Best Server that Satisfies Your Business-Specific Needs

Finding a server that accommodates your long-term business goals is your IT team’s next assignment. But again, as you may be aware, going for the most expensive server doesn’t always guarantee that it will help fulfill your business goals. That’s why a competent team should focus more on finding the perfect hosting plan for you by weighing the leasing options, looking at virtualization, etc.

Devise a Migration Plan

Here’s where our IT team comes together to lay down all the procedures required to make the cloud migration incredibly flawless and effective. We identify all data that should be migrated and document all apps and info that may be unavailable during the process. And if it’ll impact your normal business operations, we plan the migration at a time when there’s the least amount of traffic on your servers.

Test the Migration Plan

Testing your cloud migration plan gives you a firsthand idea of what to expect during the actual migration. For instance, it’s necessary to tell what data is vital to your workflow success from other files that will have no impact on your server’s performance.

Select Automation Tools

Several tools are tailor-made to make the migration process more straightforward and trouble-free. For instance, reputable cloud providers have automation tools like Azure Migrate, AWS Server Migration Service, and Migrate for Compute Engine, making it effortless for IT specialists to complete server migrations quickly and efficiently.


Having prepared the ground and tested to know what to expect, it’s time to go live with the migration. This entails transferring data from the on-prem server infrastructure to the cloud-based server. Our technicians also leverage reliable, automated deployment tools to eliminate performance or compatibility challenges and hasten the process.

Migrations To New Server Technologies

Aside from migrating your in-house server infrastructure to the cloud, we pride ourselves on helping organizations meet their growth goals by upgrading to new server technologies. For instance, if you still run an outdated Windows Server 2019 Active Directory, we can help elevate it to the most recent Windows Server 2022. Wondering what the process looks like?

Well, here are the ultimate upgrading options that our qualified New Jersey server migration and  IT specialists can help you implement:

Clean Installation

Clean installation is, by far, the simplest way to upgrade to a new Windows Server. It involves the installation of a blank server or the overwriting of an existing Operating System. However, backing up data and drawing a plan to reinstall apps and services is a prerequisite before beginning the server upgrade/installation.

In-Place Upgrading

Do you wish to retain the same hardware and server roles without wiping the OS while upgrading to a new server? If so, you want to opt for in-place upgrading, i.e., moving from an older server (Windows Server 2019) to a newer one (Windows Server 2022) without affecting server roles, settings, or available data.

Cluster OS Rolling Upgrading

With Cluster Operating System Rolling Upgrade, admins can effortlessly upgrade the OS of the cluster nodes to Windows Server 2022 from Windows Server 2019 without interfering with File Server workloads. This method ensures that your organization minimizes downtime optimally while upgrading its servers.

Server Migrations

Windows Server migrations is the process of shifting one feature or role at a time from a source computer running the Windows Server to another computer running the same server. It’s recommended when you’ve acquired new hardware sets, and you don’t want to go through the hassle of developing a new workflow system from scratch.

License Conversion

Some operating system releases come in various editions, and you may want to migrate from one edition of the OS to another. You can realize that through a process called license conversion. For instance, if you run Windows Server 2022 Standard, you can upgrade to Windows Server 2022 Datacenter in a few clicks.

So after a comprehensive assessment, we can help you decide which, among the migration/upgrading options, is suitable for your business-specific needs. Our technicians can then complete the upgrade as quickly as possible, avoiding costly business downtime.

Server Migrations: Hardware Replacements

Does your organization have a server hardware replacement strategy? If the answer is NO, you need to work with a reliable IT services firm like Baroan Technologies to create one ASAP! Hardware challenges like downtime and server crashes are usually extremely costly and devastating, considering that they’re issues that you could have prevented.

Here’s a simple hardware replacement strategy that every organization should implement:

Proactive Planning

Don’t wait until a hardware issue arises to grapple with fixing it. Instead, set up a proactive plan that enables you to predict when hardware needs to be replaced based on its life cycle. At Baroan Technologies, we have an account management solution, where we give our clients detailed annual reports on their budget overview. We also provide quarterly reports indicating which hardware needs replacement within a reasonable time frame.

Determining the Reasonable Time Frame

When’s the perfect time frame within which server hardware needs replacement? While this tends to vary from one server to another, we’ve determined that the best time frame for server replacement is 60 months.

Replacing the Server

Replacing your server hardware before the lapse of its life cycle time frame is essential in preventing costly downtime and other technical issues. We can’t stress that enough! Our team uses top-quality precision and top-class tools to complete hardware replacement as quickly and efficiently as possible, minimizing downtime.

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