Managed Services Pricing Calculator For Organizations In New Jersey, New York & Connecticut

Discover The True Cost Of Managed IT Services In Tri-State Area. How Much Should You Pay For Managed IT Services?

How Much Will You Pay For Managed IT Services In New Jersey, New York & Connecticut?

Across the technology landscape there are several ways that managed service organizations price out their support. We at Baroan Technologies believe in offering the most flexibility for our clients while maintaining a secure environment to reduce the risks associated with cyber security threats today. To accomplish this, we offer two service plans. These are called B-Secure and B- Secure Plus. Both are based on the number of users, workstations, servers, firewalls, switches, routers, controllers and locations, but B-Secure Plus also offers a flat fee for support in addition to the high level of management your organization will receive.

Baroan’s Managed IT Service Program Pricing

Use the pricing calculator link below to get an estimates cost for what your organization can expect to pay for all the services provided. With B-Secure, you rest assured that your business and needs are in good hands, with most of the technology needs addressed.

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What’s Included in Our Two Plans? Take a Look…

Baroan Technologies Support Overview B-Secure B-Secure Plus
Proactive Technology and Security Management (Core Services)
Security Awareness Training
Ongoing monthly Simulated Phishing email campaigns
Secure DNS Filtering Service
Advanced End Point Protection
Darkweb Monitoring
Patch Deployment
Desktop Optimization
Server Optimization
Server Backup Management
Auto-Remediation Of Common Issues Using Smart Monitors
Zero-Trust Threat Protection
Network Administration
Network Management Mapping and Documentation
Server Management Documentation
Backup and Disaster Recovery Documentation
Best Practices
Technology Checklists
Centralized Service Report Review
Technology and Security Consulting (Dedicated vCIO)
Digital Transformation Guidance
Asset Management Review and Guidance
Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Guidance
Security Review and Guidance
Vendor Management and Guidance
Technology Summary
Technology Spending Review
36 Month Future Planning for Renewals Budget Planning
Procurement Services
Budget Planning
Annual NIST Assessment Report
Reactive Support Services (ALL Level 3 Support Team)
Centralized Ticketing System
Remote Support Framework
Customer Portal
8×5 Help-desk support – LEVEL 3
“How To” Questions – LEVEL 3
On-Site Support
Project Work
Optional Add-On Services
24×7 Help-desk Support
Advanced SIEM with SOC Monitoring 24×7
Penetration Testing
Compliance as a Service (HIPAA, NIST GDPR, CMMC)
Vulnerability Assessment

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