Network Analysis and Security Assessment

Has your network assessments fallen behind or dropped to the bottom of your to-do list? To avoid constant system troubleshooting, we’ll take that scheduled task off your list permanently.

Why Get a Documented Network Analysis and Security Assessment?

  • Do you want to improve your security and uncover significant cost-savings?
  • Do you finally want to see what’s really going on inside your IT infrastructure?
  • Do you want a strategic road map created for your management team and IT systems?

When you enlist Baroan Technologies to lead a network analysis, our objectivity becomes your first benefit. Our recommendations are unbiased and solely based on the security assessment. Our goal is to help create a network IT infrastructure strategy that aligns with your business goals.

    Network Assessments
    Network Security Assessment

    How Secure Is Your Network and Can It Fully Support Your Growing Business Needs?

    In your organization, your network also includes other devices needing to be secured. You have desktops, laptops, tablets, as well as servers and workstations. These devices also help grow your business. Did you know that having a network analysis and security assessment on these devices will uncover any potential security risks you face?

    Our Network Analysis and Security Assessment will provide you the valuable information you need to secure your critical data. That includes:

    • Server antivirus, software, hardware, and setup reviews
    • Workstation antivirus, software, hardware, and setup reviews
    • Internet connectivity and email service reviews
    • Firewall, printer, wireless, network, and security reviews

    What is a Network Analysis and Security Assessment?

    A security assessment is an in-depth analysis of your network. When we review the data about your IT infrastructure, it reveals all the hidden details of the existing IT environment. Based on what is uncovered, we’ll then recommend where improvements are needed most—for example, network simplification, automation, or complete network consolidation.

      How Does Baroan’s Network Analysis and Security Assessment Benefit Your Business?

      Taking control of your IT infrastructure and how your network is arranged is only the beginning. When we conduct your network analysis, you get the needed information on where to prioritize and when to invest in new and necessary technologies. Instead of guessing, your strategic technology investment decisions get based on reliable data; you can leverage for potential business growth.

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        How Can Baroan Technologies Help?

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        Cybersecurity Solutions

        1. Cybersecurity Solutions

        Baroan Technologies makes sure the security of your network, data, and organization is a top priority.
        Managed IT Services

        2. Managed IT Services

        Partnering with Baroan Technologies ensures all of your day-to-day IT service needs are simply taken care of.  We take IT off your daily worry list.

        Co-Managed IT Services

        3. Co-Managed IT Services

        Baroan Technologies supports your internal IT departments with a full complement of services. From strategic consulting to helping with the day-to-day needs of your IT team. Our proprietary solutions allow for your level 1 and 2 tickets and needs to be automatically remediated so you can focus on the projects to move your business initiatives forward.
        Modern Workplace

        4. Modern Workplace

        More and more organizations are making the move to cloud technologies and Baroan Technologies is right there to help guide you throughout the transition.  Our team can help with Microsoft 365, Azure, and other cloud technologies.

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        “I have had many opportunities to call your organization for assistance. Each time has been an amazing customer service experience with very knowledgeable people. It is a wonderful value to be able to tell prospective and new employees that we have an excellent IT Support Partner. I very much appreciate your organization and our partnership.”


        “Your company’s professionalism has always been top notch…”

        Five stars

        “Working with Baroan Technologies has been a pleasure. Though we have our own IT staff, knowing that Baroan is in the background making sure that our systems are up to date and that our Anti-Virus is current is a big relief. In today’s world where even the largest multi-billion dollar international companies can have their IT systems compromised it is great to have trust in a company that does their best to make sure we are secure. Your company’s professionalism has always been top notch…”

        Guy E., CEO

        “We are and have been very pleased with Baroan Technologies”

        Five stars

        “Baroan Technologies is a prime example of quality and dependable customer service in the Information Technology market. Their ability to meet the extremely demanding technical support needs of our mid-size business is crucial to our company. We are and have been very pleased with Baroan Technologies and their team of professionals for the past 7 years. We would not hesitate in recommending them!”


        How Quickly Do You Want To Know Your Organization’s Compliance Requirements?

        Regulatory concerns are easy to address when you have a managed IT firm that understands your risks, and moves quickly to resolve them. When you partner with Baroan Technologies, you get hassle-free cybersecurity solutions, expert advice, and support. To speak with one of our Managed IT Services consultants, contact us. We are here to help you move forward and grow.