Cybersecurity Compliance and Privacy Laws

To comply with cybersecurity regulations, you need an IT partner who understands your industry’s standards. With direction from Baroan Technologies, compliance is easy.

How Important Is Cybersecurity Compliance and Privacy Laws?

  • Has cybersecurity vulnerabilities been discussed or resolved at your organization?
  • Are your client records still exposed to persistent cybersecurity weaknesses?
  • Is anyone in your organization held accountable for the numerous data breaches?

Depending on your industry, compliance regulations and privacy laws are areas of business that cannot be ignored or overlooked. Failure to comply, your organization will face fines, sanctions, loss of reputation, adverse business outcomes, forced to close, or worse, a combination of those items mentioned. Protecting client, patient, and personnel information from cybersecurity attacks is vital, and why Baroan Technologies gets called in to address and resolve compliance or privacy law concerns.

    Compliance and Privacy

    What Regulations Apply To Your Organization?

    At Baroan Technology, we get asked this question all the time. Many variables determine whether your organization must comply. In the event, your organization does have regulatory responsibilities; the determination falls under four key areas.

    • Type of data you handle
    • Your specific industry
    • Your regulatory body
    • The geographic borders or boundaries where you operate

    For additional compliance details, we recommend that you consult with one of our Baroan Technologies cybersecurity consultants regarding any compliance concerns. Or contact an attorney who can provide you with precise requirements that apply to your business and industry.

    What’s An Effective Approach To Cybersecurity Compliance?

    It all starts with a review of your industry to determine if there is a compliance requirement in place, such as HIPAA or PCI. When there is no requirement, Baroan Technologies will follow the National Institute of Science and Technology’s (“NIST”) framework for cybersecurity. 

    In doing so, your organization meets compliance regulations and will adhere to the new privacy laws reducing your risk. Below is the framework from NIST with its five core functions. These allow your organization to assess and improve your ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks.

    • Identify – develop an organizational understanding to manage cybersecurity
    • Protect – develop and implement the correct cybersecurity safeguards
    • Detect – develop and implement the proper activities when identifying a cyber event
    • Respond – develop and implement the correct actions to take responding to detections
    • Recover – develop and implement the proper actions to maintain resilience and to restore any assets impaired due to a cybersecurity event

    Please note, based on your specific business and industry, we may also recommend additional compliance strategies and solutions. Doing so allows you to develop a proactive risk posture for your organization.

      Privacy and Compliance Audits

      How Can Baroan Technologies Help?

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      1. Cybersecurity Solutions

      Baroan Technologies makes sure the security of your network, data, and organization is a top priority.
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      Partnering with Baroan Technologies ensures all of your day-to-day IT service needs are simply taken care of.  We take IT off your daily worry list.

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      Baroan Technologies supports your internal IT departments with a full complement of services. From strategic consulting to helping with the day-to-day needs of your IT team. Our proprietary solutions allow for your level 1 and 2 tickets and needs to be automatically remediated so you can focus on the projects to move your business initiatives forward.
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      More and more organizations are making the move to cloud technologies and Baroan Technologies is right there to help guide you throughout the transition.  Our team can help with Microsoft 365, Azure, and other cloud technologies.

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      How Quickly Do You Want To Know Your Organization’s Compliance Requirements?

      Regulatory concerns are easy to address when you have a managed IT firm that understands your risks, and moves quickly to resolve them. When you partner with Baroan Technologies, you get hassle-free cybersecurity solutions, expert advice, and support. To speak with one of our Managed IT Services consultants, contact us. We are here to help you move forward and grow.