How Baroan’s NJ IT Support Can Help Your Business Grow

Baroan Technologies has the NJ IT support solutions that you need to help your entire operation become more efficient. Read on for more.
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How Baroan’s NJ IT Support Can Help Your Business Grow

If you run a small or mid-sized company, practical IT resources management can be a substantial challenge. From dealing with technical support requests from your users to addressing the effects of cyber attacks, handling the demands in-house can put immense pressure on your team and affect productivity. Baroan Technologies has the NJ IT support solutions that you need to drastically reduce spending on technology, lower your IT department’s workload, as well as help your entire operation become more efficient. Our experts help your company to adopt and maintain the newest and most secure business technologies available. We also have experienced experts to offer advice to your team on how it can use technology more effectively to enhance collaboration. And offer services faster to your customers. With Baroan, you can be sure of quality support. We are a member of the invitation-only Trust X Alliance since 2007. The Alliance is an exclusive partner community of the largest tech distributor globally, Ingram Micro. And brings together the best run and maintained technology services providers in the US, the UK, and Canada.

Why Your Company Should Consider NJ IT Support

Most corporate IT systems are expensive and complicated. This means that maintaining the infrastructure of even a small company needs time, talent, as well as resources that seriously impact your bottom line. Until recently, the only option available to small and mid-sized organizations was to purchase their equipment and maintain it in-house. However, if you use this model, it exposes you to several serious drawbacks:
  • You require highly specialized, experienced, and expensive talent to set up, maintain and upgrade your systems.
  • Any lapses in your cybersecurity are likely to expose your company to cybercrime almost immediately.
  • Your in-house IT systems may be challenging to scale up as quickly as you need to during peak demand.
  • During your business off-season, any unused equipment is dead-weight and has a negative financial impact
On the other hand, if you run a small or mid-sized business on a tight budget, Baroan Technologies can offer your company affordable as well as reliable NJ IT support to address the problems above. Our comprehensive solutions include: 1. Managed IT Services We know that you need to focus your energy on serving your clients and finding new customers. Baroan Technology’s experts will partner with your team, effectively becoming your virtual IT department. When you partner with us, we start by evaluating your technology needs to understand your company’s long-term goals. And then develop a managed IT services plan to help you achieve your objectives. Instead of taking the traditional reactive approach to technical support, where your IT team waits for a user to report that a feature or system is broken, we take a proactive stance. We help you avoid a cycle of computer systems breaking and then scrambling desperately to try and fix them. We achieve high availability through continuous monitoring and preventive maintenance. Our managed IT services involve the following components:
  • Remote and on-premises end-user support
  • Installation and support of servers
  • Network setup and management
  • Data backup and recovery
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Microsoft 365 support
  • Remote helpdesk
  • VOIP solutions support
  • Secure remote access
  • Active Directory management
  • Scheduled maintenance
Business owners using tablet device to plan for IT support for business growth. 2. Strategic IT Consulting Baroan Technologies is also a provider of strategic technology advisory services. We provide the solution because we understand that many smaller organizations could use some strategic input into their use and development of technology. But do not have the necessary resources to hire a full-time Chief Information Officer (CIO). However, even if you already have IT leadership within the company, our virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) solution could be a crucial asset that ensures your organization’s growth. Our IT strategy consultants use their extensive knowledge of business technology to offer your company a roadmap to improve and grow your business operations. Specifically, our virtual CIO suggests solutions that drive digital transformations, overall corporate tech strategy, the best tools and equipment for your business, cost-saving measures, and offer IT roadmaps for the future. Our consultants engage with your team either on a project basis or within quarterly meetings that we call BizTech Reviews. During the BizTech meetings, our vCIO and the critical IT personnel from your organization discuss collaboration on:
  • Tech asset management
  • Data protection
  • Network security
  • Productivity audit
  • Vendor management
  • IT budgets
  • Historical review
3. Cybersecurity Solutions Cybersecurity breaches and data loss are significant threats to the existence of many modern businesses. We can help your business set up the security measures you require to avoid a catastrophic loss of business data, client records, proprietary information, and revenue through cyberattacks or natural disasters. Baroan Networks experts have developed a range of solutions that help you to prevent intrusions. And identify potential threat vectors through the power of artificial intelligence. We designed our AI-powered security solutions to automatically monitor, update, and patch your operating systems, anti-virus, and anti-malware software. Depending on the industry or business sector that your company engages in, there may be specific privacy laws and compliance regulations that you must follow. Failure to meet compliance standards could expose you or your company to hefty fines, forced closure of business, damaged reputation, business sanctions, or possibly some combination of them. As part of our data security service, we offer compliance assessments and industry-compliant protection for your company.
  • Security assessments
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Cloud backup
  • Compliance and data privacy
  • Network monitoring

Stop Struggling With Your Technology — Contact Us Today!

Bringing in all the skills you need to set up and manage your technology resources internally can be difficult. Mainly if your business is small. However, Baroan Technologies NJ IT support allows you to leverage several technology experts’ knowledge and experience for less than a single IT expert’s salary. What’s more, our team abides by our company’s ethos of honesty. Working in the client’s best interests, and a commitment to learning. Besides being cost-effective, our solution’s security advantages and practical benefits make managed IT support a potent asset for your company to have. Do not struggle with inefficient technology. Reach out to us today for effective as well as affordable NJ IT support services and other technology solutions.

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Written by Guy Baroan 
By: Guy Baroan