8 Immediate Microsoft 365 Benefits Small & Medium Businesses Can Enjoy Across New Jersey

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8 Immediate Microsoft 365 Benefits Small & Medium Businesses Can Enjoy Across New Jersey

Microsoft 365 is more than just MS Office hosted in the cloud. It comes with several additional features, tools, and functionalities that will go a long way in enhancing your business’s productivity. Check out our latest YouTube video to learn more about the benefits of using Microsoft 365:

What Are the Top 8 Benefits of Using Microsoft 365 to Organizations in New Jersey?

Here are our top eight reasons why you should consider integrating MS 365 into your New Jersey, New York, or Connecticut organization’s corporate environment:
  • Access to Files From Anywhere, Anytime: The need to enable employees to operate remotely and be productive on-the-go is more significant now more than ever. And reasonably so — in the fast-paced modern work environment, business executives are beginning to appreciate that a mobile workforce isn’t a bad idea after all. Microsoft 365 stores all your files in the cloud, enabling you and your staff to access them through any device with a network connection. Accessing your files from any location whenever you need them is invaluable to a mobile workforce’s sustenance.
  • Secure Cloud Storage: Microsoft 365’s award-winning inbuilt security system integrates multifactor authentication, spam filtering, AD logins, threat detection, SSO, and several other advanced security measures to guarantee the safety of your files and data. The best part is that you can monitor and manage your risks from a central threat management dashboard.
  • Predictable Spend & Better Licensing: MS 365 is billed per user or month, making it easy to predict your IT expenditures. The subscription costs also cover upgrades, so there aren’t any unexpected charges. Every licensed user is allowed a maximum of five tablets, five phones, and five PC/Mac installs. This licensing model enables your staff to operate from the office, at home, and on-the-go. What’s more — admins can manage all these installs centrally.
  • Automated Upgrades: Using policies and system configuration managers to keep up with the latest software updates is not fancied by any IT personnel. Well, Microsoft 365 relieves you of this hassle. It automatically performs upgrades at pre-programmed intervals. Besides, you no longer have to worry about software update costs because they’re covered in your subscription fees.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: If there’s a feature that distinguishes Microsoft 365’s online version, then it’s its ability to allow employees to share and co-create files in real-time. Additional apps like Teams and SharePoint enable your staff to work on documents live while seeing colleagues’ edits as they come.
  • More Apps & Extra Work Tools: The standard MS Office subscription includes PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Word, and just a handful of other core applications. Microsoft 365 comes with a ton of additional productivity and collaboration apps and services like MS Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, Planner, OneDrive for Business, MS Forms, Power BI, Stream, etc. These extra tools in Office 365 address workspace challenges identified by Microsoft over the years, making it more productive than the regular MS Office version.
  • High Level of Availability: Microsoft 365 provides high levels of availability options to choose from at every instance of failure such as loss of power, redundant internet connections as well as hardware failures. This helps businesses avoid downtimes by avoiding common failures and serve their clients by making data readily available.
  • Ease Of Scalability: Microsoft 365’s user-based and monthly subscription models enable you to customize your work environment by licensing only the relevant apps. You can easily activate and deactivate licenses as your business expands or faces a potential downsize. This offers your New Jersey organization the flexibility to scale up and down based on your changing needs.
If you are already using Microsoft Office, learning the ropes of MS 365 will be a lot easier. Baroan Technologies is here to help you out whenever you feel lost. With over 23 years of experience serving clients in the Tri-State area, we have experts who are specifically specialized in Microsoft and related services. Contact Us Now | Speak With Our Online Chat Team.

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Written by Guy Baroan 
By: Guy Baroan