VOIPTraditional analog, digital, and key telephone systems have become obsolete with the convergence of voice and data networks. Altigen's all-in-one IP phone system includes standard PBX functionality, a comprehensive voicemail system, call detail reporting, call recording on demand, meet-me conference bridges, and an advanced auto-attendant. Whether your company is large or small, single site or multiple offices, the Altigen system is easily scaled in both size and capability.

With today's workforce, mobility has become very important in businesses of all sizes. To help keep your employees connected with VOIP, Altigen offers Multiple Mobility Options:

  • Any phone (cell or home phone) can log into the server as a native extension of the system.
  • All calls are transparently routed to your designated phone.
  • All standard Altigen extension features are available on remote devices - such as transfer, conferencing, reporting, voice recording, and voicemail.
  • Calls can still be controlled through Altigen's desktop client.
  • In times of disaster, Extension Anywhere will allow employees to call the Altigen system and activate their home phone, cell phone, etc. as their office extension to maintain business continuity.

Visit our Altigen partner page and explore the literally hundreds of productivity features of this business phone system. Baroan Technologies is a NJ Altigen dealer and we have been installing Altigen systems since 2000.

What our clients have to say about our VOIP services...

I want to take a minute while all is still fresh in my mind to thank you for your skill, patience, and professionalism yesterday. As you could tell, once we hit the issue, I started to lose my confidence. I'm very happy that you didn't. Your patience and ability to work with the AT&T folks was outstanding. That and your thorough knowledge of how the Altigen PBX and Internet Telephony work was really impressive -- yet again! So, I'm kind of running out of nice things to say and still sound genuine. And so I will stop and just say: Thanks and Best Regards,

- Bruce

I have had the privilege of working with Baroan Technologies for close to a decade, both in my former life as a consultant and now as a CIO. Guy Baroan and his team have always provided me with EXCELLENT service and support throughout the years. I’m greatly disappointed that our banking vendor will be taking over support of our Altigen Phone System going forward and we won’t be able to use Baroan Technologies for this. There wasn’t a question I had for Gary or Guy that was not answered in seconds and I know that I won’t get that level of support from my new vendor. I will definitely be using Baroan for my consulting needs when they arise and hope to find ways to continue the relationship we’ve built over the years.

- Jason

I heard about Baroan Technologies (then Savant Solutions) back in 2003 when I was the VP Operations for a small company (17 employees) that was looking to grow and service our customers better. At the time, we were using Lucent phones and my father-in-law had a procedure in the office that if a phone started to ring and people were away from their desk, everyone had a bell on their desk that they would ring to alert our representatives to run back to their desk to get their phone. Unfortunately, if you were in the restroom, this could cause great anxiety and pressure when you weren’t necessarily looking for pressure and anxiety. Anyways, I read a magazine article about the Altigen phone system. The Altigen representative put me in touch with Guy Baroan and Dimitri Miaoulis, who came to our office and spoke with us about how the Altigen system could help our organization and, more importantly, get rid of those awful bells… Guy Baroan helped us with the installation, helped us with an upgrade. Because of Guy’s knowledge of networks, he pointed out a number of issues that we had that we could address to help our overall network run better. But most importantly, Baroan became a trusted source of information, professionalism and knowledge that took our company to the next level. We are grateful to have partners in Baroan Technologies and look forward to their help in the future to grow our systems with our business.

- Brian


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