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mobile solutionsBusinesses must address not only how mobile devices fit inside their IT, but also how their users are connecting to (and putting at risk) the network through BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Some major concerns are:

  • Updates: The most challenging part of mobile devices is keeping them updated and secure. New threats emerge on almost a daily basis while new functionality is released by device and OS manufacturers and the carriers themselves.
  • Provisioning: You can ask about permission to have a mobile device and standardization but I think most business owners will admit that the battle has been lost and employees expect to buy what they want (from the Verzion store, no less) and have IT figure it out.
  • Control: The first line of defense of mobile device security involves sanctioning supported devices and controlling which devices are allowed entry to your company's network and resources before they are purchased. Have a written policy in place, have employees sign off and stick to it.
  • Ongoing management of a fleet of disparate mobile devices. That's where Baroan's Mobile Device Management comes into play:
    • Automate email configuration and settings to one or more devices.
    • Collect detailed inventory information in a central repository that can be easily accessed by our engineers for fast resolution while providing a complete network view.
    • Track location of mobile devices based on location history or in real time.
    • Force Alarm sound on device to help track lost device.
    • Lock, wipe and reset lost or stolen devices.
    • Allow your whole office to stay connected no matter where your employees are with the new Microsoft Lync Mobile Client

See Vulnerability and Compliance for more information on Mobile Security...

If you relate to any of those concerns, grab your nearest mobile device and call us to see what mobile solutions we can offer your business: 201-796-0404.

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