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CIO services are where Business Meets Technology. And that's why they are included when you partner with Baroan Technologies. This is one of the many ways we fulfill our mission of being your "One Point of Contact." Just as we function as your IT department, we also function as your virtual CIO. Understanding business processes before selecting the appropriate technology tools is the foundation of our CIO and IT consulting services. All advice is in our client's best interest, as there are no sales quotas or commissions. Benefit from the ongoing collaboration built in to how we deliver...

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What We've Developed Over Our 18 Years Of Delivering CIO Services:

  • Client Onboarding is not a onetime event. It is an ongoing process that begins when we take inventory and continues through the first month’s review meetings all the way to your BizTech Review Meetings. Right from the beginning our very detailed process makes sure that we have a complete understanding of your technology and how it relates to your business environment.
  • Best Practices. During the first 90 days, we compare our Best Practices catalogue to your existing environment. Best Practices are recommended, prioritized, and implemented as agreed upon. Typically we take a phased approach to Best Practices, scaling from minimum safety standards to maximizing technology in your critical business processes.
  • Vendor Relations & Solution Stack. This managed system ensures that we are in the best position to select, install and support products and services from the industry's top vendors. Our partnerships give us access to training, certifications, and resources.
  • Client Roadmap is a holistic view that we create of your company’s Asset Management, Data Protection, Security, Productivity Audit, and Vendor Management in relation to best practices and available solutions. Be proactive with your plans and budgets with this 36 month rolling timeline to manage lifecycles, warranties, renewals, and updates. You're in control of your technology.
  • BizTech Review Meetings create continuity, with meetings set on a convenient schedule that fulfills your needs. Our targeted reports provide key information so you understand your technology investments. From ongoing support costs to new investments, you enjoy timely and informative communications and can quickly reference a review report to update your team.

With our managed CIO consulting services, you're in control. Never feel like a technology hostage again.


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