Multifactor Authentication

Today’s online data breaches, hackings, and increase in passwords being uncovered have led to businesses needing more powerful options to protect their data. Passwords alone are no longer enough to protect from threats that are more commonly found trying to gain access from outside your office. To assist with this need, Baroan Technologies now offers a Multifactor Authentication service.

Two factor authentication is something that you know (your password) plus something that you have (a device with you). By implementing this solution, you will be allowing your users to add one more layer of security which will make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to gain access to your network from the outside without the proper tools.

The solution works by allowing your users to use a special application or receive a phone call or text message, depending on what works best for each individual. When they go to log into the remote office, after entering their remote user password, they will instantly be presented on their phone with an option to confirm that they are in fact trying to log in – this could be a notification from an app, answering an automated call, or responding to a text. It is at this point that they will confirm or deny access. If they confirm, they are allowed in.

By implementing this solution, clients have resolved the issue of passwords being discovered. Without having a second form of identification for the login, i.e., your mobile device, access will not be allowed.

two factor auth

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