Business Continuity

Baroan Technologies can help you develop, implement and maintain your Business Continuity Plan through our Business Continuity Management System. The BCM System identifies potential impacts that threaten your company, then creates a plan that insures the continuation of your critical processes regardless of any crisis that may occur. The main goal of the BCM System is to achieve a cost-effective prevention and disaster recovery solution.

The Business Continuity Management System Stages are:

  1. Know Your Business - Continuity Project Management, Business Processes, Facilities, Insurance, Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis, Interviews, Developing Strategies.
  2. Develop Your Plan - Recovery Tasks, Task Groups, Resources, Resource Teams, Contacts, Contact Groups, Assets, Asset Groups.
  3. Implement Your Plan - Declaring Disasters, Notify, Media Relations, Event Log, Schedule, Timeline
  4. Maintain Your Plan - Plan History, Plan Status, Plan Verification, Resources Training, Exercise Plan.
  5. The principles of MACTEM - Manage, Audit, Communicate, Train, Exercise, Monitor are integrated in your Business Continuity Management System.

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