2011 was an interesting year. Within a couple of months the New York City area experienced a hurricane, an earthquake, and an early snow storm that took down tree limbs and many power lines along with them. Many businesses lost power, had their equipment damaged by the elements, or both. Having a reliable backup is critical, not only for these types of disasters but also for issues unrelated to and more common than acts of nature, such as a lost laptop or a destructive virus. Sometimes your staff works remotely and backs up files on their home computer and their hard drive crashes. Baroan Technologies can help you cover all the bases with a range of different backup solutions.

On-site and Off-site:

  • Individual user backups
  • Server backup solutions
  • High availability backups
  • Low priority data archiving


Do you have a backup strategy in place, but you're not sure if it's the right one for your busines? Read Guy Baroan's guide to discovering your backup strategy.

Below are some of the many backup options we've configured for our clients:

1 - Tape Drive Only

2 - Tape Drive Plus Snapshots

3 - Tape Drive Plus Snapshots and Offsite File-level Backup

4 - Tape Drive Plus Offsite Replication to 2nd Server

5 - Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape Plus Offsite Replication to Virtual Server

6 - Virtual Environment Locally and Remotely - True HA (High Availability)

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