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with Digital Transformation

Baroan Technologies is a leading IT services company in New Jersey that has been providing quality guidance, implementation and technology support services in the Tri-State area since 1997.

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Guy Baroan Guy Baroan

Philosophy of
Baroan Technologies

“At Baroan Technologies, we see business evolution as analogous to the process put forth by psychologist/philosopher Abraham Maslow to describe human needs governing personal motivation.”

Digital transformation refers to a business becoming the best version of itself, achieving its mission through the use of technology. Take a look at the analogous pyramids below and click through to learn more about how we actually achieve these results for your business.

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Baroan Pyramid
Guy Baroan

Baroan’s Business
Hierarchy of Needs

  • Business Actualization

    Best execution of your business plan through digital transformation

  • Employee Satisfaction

    Organized workflows allow accomplishment and recognition

  • Connected Employees

    Platform for collaboration keeps everyone on the same page

  • Business Safety Needs

    Cybersecurity and regulatory compliance protections in place

  • Business Physiology

    Software, hardware, and network architecture is healthy

Hierarchy of Needs

Abraham Maslow
  • Self-Actualization

  • Esteem

  • Love and Belonging

  • Safety Needs

  • Physiological Needs

Pricing Calculator

Pricing Calculator

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The Nuts & Bolts
of Our Program

Baroan Technologies Support Overview B-Secure B-Secure Plus

Proactive Technology and Security Management (Core Services)

Security Awareness Training
Ongoing monthly Simulated Phishing email campaigns
Secure DNS Filtering Service
Advanced End Point Protection
Darkweb Monitoring
Patch Deployment
Desktop Optimization
Server Optimization
Server Backup Management
Auto-Remediation Of Common Issues Using Smart Monitors
Zero-Trust Threat Protection

Network Administration

Network Management Mapping and Documentation
Server Management Documentation
Backup and Disaster Recovery Documentation
Best Practices
Technology Checklists
Centralized Service Report Review

Technology and Security Consulting (Dedicated vCIO)

Digital Transformation Guidance
Asset Management Review and Guidance
Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Guidance
Security Review and Guidance
Vendor Management and Guidance
Technology Summary
Technology Spending Review
36 Month Future Planning for Renewals Budget Planning
Procurement Services
Budget Planning
Annual NIST Assessment Report  

Reactive Support Services (ALL Level 3 Support Team)

Centralized Ticketing System
Remote Support Framework
Customer Portal
8×5 Help-desk support – LEVEL 3  
“How To” Questions – LEVEL 3  
On-Site Support    
Project Work    

Optional Add-On Services

24×7 Help-desk Support  
Advanced SIEM with SOC Monitoring 24×7  
Penetration Testing  
Compliance as a Service (HIPAA, NIST GDPR, CMMC)  
Vulnerability Assessment  

Getting Started Is Easy

With the proper level of IT services and support, there’s literally nothing your business can’t accomplish. That’s exactly what we want for you and, at the end of the day, that’s what our IT consulting and managed services are all about.

How Can We Help?

  • Fill in our quick form.
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  • We’ll take the time to listen and plan the next steps.

Getting started is easy. Give us a call at (201) 793-7840 or complete the form below, and we will get in touch with you to set up an introductory phone call.

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To Say About Us


“Each time has been an amazing customer service experience”

“I have had many opportunities to call your organization for assistance. Each time has been an amazing customer service experience with very knowledgeable people. It is a wonderful value to be able to tell prospective and new employees that we have an excellent IT Support Partner. I very much appreciate your organization and our partnership.”

Five starsSusanne

“Your company’s professionalism has always been top notch…”

“Working with Baroan Technologies has been a pleasure. Though we have our own IT staff, knowing that Baroan is in the background making sure that our systems are up to date and that our Anti-Virus is current is a big relief. In today’s world where even the largest multi-billion dollar international companies can have their IT systems compromised it is great to have trust in a company that does their best to make sure we are secure. Your company’s professionalism has always been top notch…”

Five starsGuy E., CEO

“We are and have been very pleased with Baroan Technologies”

“Baroan Technologies is a prime example of quality and dependable customer service in the Information Technology market. Their ability to meet the extremely demanding technical support needs of our mid-size business is crucial to our company. We are and have been very pleased with Baroan Technologies and their team of professionals for the past 7 years. We would not hesitate in recommending them!”

Five starsRick

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