Help Desk Services – ALL Level-Three Engineers

Are you tired of phone tag? Does this sound familiar?

  • You call your current Help Desk provider.
  • You speak with a Level-1 engineer. They review the issue and they can’t help. They let you know that they will escalate the ticket.
  • The Level-2 engineer is not currently available so they need to call you back.
  • The Level-2 engineer finally calls you, but you are on the phone or not at your desk. They leave a message and you call them back.
  • The Level-2 engineer cannot figure it out and needs to escalate to Level 3, but the Level-3 engineer is not available and will call you back.
  • You finally get on the phone with the Level-3 engineer who fixes the issue quickly.

Sound familiar? Are you tired of the telephone tag?

How does “one and done” sound?  All of the technical engineers at Baroan Technologies are Level 3 professionals or higher. That means, when you call them for assistance, you can trust that they will be responsive and able to resolve your issues on the first call.  No escalation is needed to someone else internally.

We understand that your time is valuable. Stop wasting it on phone tag.

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